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Turf Maintenance

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To enable course members to:

  • state the basic needs for good turf growth
  • carry out the basic turf maintenance tasks
  • carry out basic turf repair operations

Who is the Course For?
This course will benefit ground staff and all persons interested in turf care.

Duration/Format One day

Instructor/Trainee Ratio Max: 1:8 Min: 1:3

Course Content
Basic needs of turf - the requirements for good growth
Practical maintenance - scarifying, aerating, fertilizing
Turf repair
Weeds, pests and diseases
Final session

Facilities/Equipment required:
Trainees may be asked to provide some of the following depending on the venue -
Cylinder mower
Scarifier, Spiker
Wheelbarrows, Shovels
Trulutes, Besoms
Measuring tapes, Lines
Edging irons, Turfing irons
Straight edges
Top dressing 1m3
Fertiliser, 1 bag

Warm, well lit room with adequate tables and chairs. Close to area of turf for maintenance.
Materials: turf, seed
Suitable area of fine turf, e.g. bowling green
Washroom/toilet facilities.

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