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The trailer handling courses are run in conjunction with approved training providers across the region.

To enable course members to

  • Understand the requirements of the Risk Assessment
  • Understand the legal requirements for towing trailers on/off the road either at work or privately
  • Appreciate the main causes of accidents and what can be done to avoid them
  • Gain knowledge of the different types of hitches in use, and what contributes to an ideal towing combination
  • Couple/un-couple a trailer safety and in line with the recommended DSA test method
  • Carry out all necessary checks prior to taking the unit onto the public highway
  • Drive with a trailer

- through a restricted entrance
- round 90” turns
- across the DSA test layout
- stop the unit safety within a given distance

Who is the Course For?
Those wishing to update their skills in trailer handling and/or satisfy H & S legislation regarding the Safe Use of Trailers at work
Anyone required to take the trailer test for towing on the road
Anyone needing to tow trailers off-road as part of their work
Pre-requisites A full driving licence (not provisional) with B entitlement.

One to three days

Instructor/Trainee Ratio
1:2 maximum for day

Course Content
Legal requirement for towing on or off road
- Road Traffic Act
- HSWA and PUWER’98
- Licensing requirements
Common causes of accidents
General Safety Code for Towing ON or OFF Road
Types of hitches
Different loads/stability/ security
Towing vehicle/trailer combinations and set-up
Vehicle checks and basic maintenance
Loading and nose weight criteria/measurement
Coupling and un-coupling techniques
Basic trailer handling
- Demo drive
- Reversing including restricted areas
- Turning through entrances
- Emergency stop/braking exercise
Assessment of individual trainee performance and feedback.
On-road practical trailer handling

Facilities/Equipment required:
For towing vehicles registered October 2003 onwards, for the test the trailer must be a box
type or livestock trailer i.e. it requires full use of external mirrors

The basic course includes operator assessment and certificates will be awarded to those reaching the required standard.

For those wishing to take the B&E test, the course is of 2 to 3 days duration with the test arranged for the final day. Trainees are accompanied to the test centre.

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