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Setting Out and Levels

Course Information > Landscape Skills

To enable course members to:

  • understand the use of scale
  • understand basic geometry
  • set out basic shapes and contours to scale
  • make basic calculations for area and volume
  • carry out a simple survey to produce a simple ground plan

This is a fundamental course designed for any ground staff and new operators. An LTG certificate of attendance is awarded upon completion of the course.

Duration: One day: 6 hours

Max: 1:8 Min: 1:4

Course Content
Setting out - regular shapes
Setting out - irregular shapes
Basic survey
Final session

Venue Requirements

Warm well lit room with adequate tables and chairs. Covered work area and water supply. Washroom/toilet facilities.

Participants will be asked to provide:
Suitable clothing for working outdoors
Dumpey or Cowley level
Scale rule
Setting out pegs
Straight edge
Spirit level (min 1m length)
100m nylon measuring tape
30m tape x 3
Whiteboard and markers
Marker spray paint

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