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Pedestrian Mowers

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To enable course members to:

  • identify components of mowing machines
  • carry out daily/basic routine maintenance
  • carry out pre-start checks
  • operate the mowing machine safely

Who is the Course For?
This is a fundamental course designed for ground staff and all persons interested in mower operation.


One day: 6 hours - Best time is between October and March.

Instructor/Trainee Ratio
1:6 Min: 1:3

Course Content
Safe Handling and transport
Workshop safety
Machine components
Cutter adjustment
Daily maintenance
Transmission systems
Height of cut
Practical operation
Final session

Facilities/Equipment required:
Mowers: at least one between two
Manufacturers handbooks for each range of mowers
Spare parts/materials
Fuel Oil
Adequate hand tools / equipment

Workshop with solid level floor and adequate bench space for each course member.
Suitable outdoor area for practical
Washroom/toilet facilities.

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