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Introduction to Supervision

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A one-day introductory course aimed at those employees recently appointed to the role and with no formal training in supervision. (This course would also be appropriate for those who may, in the future, move on to a supervisory position, and those with experience looking to update their skills).

To give a general introduction to supervision; outlining the key responsibilities of the role and identifying the skills and personal attributes needed to perform the job well.

To enable course members:

To outline the components of the Supervisor's job
To discuss techniques for effective team management
To develop confidence in dealing with difficult people and situations
To practice problem solving and decision making

Pre-requisites There are no pre-requisites.

Duration/Format 1 day

Instructor/Trainee Ratio
Max: 1:10 Min: 4

Course Content
The role of the supervisor as team leader
Team building and motivation
How to communicate effectively with team members, colleagues and managers
How to set standards for performance
Planning and organising work to meet deadlines
Ensuring the quality of work meets customer expectations
How to deal with poor performance
How to develop confidence and assertiveness

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