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To enable course members to

  • Comply with safety and legal requirements, with an emphasis on safe practices, warning signs and guards
  • State the recommended protective clothing for safe operation in all conditions
  • Carry out all pre-start checks for faulty or dangerous components
  • Prepare the area for work
  • Plan systematic working operations
  • Start up and operate the machine safely, in a range of different conditions
  • Use the manufacturer’s instruction book and maintain the machine

Who is the Course For?
This course is for any person who uses, or will be using, a hand held or tractor mounted hedge trimmer

Certificate of Competence in the
Safe Use of Hedge Trimmers

The course can lead to practical assessment of hedge trimmer operation and can be run as a Lantra ITA. This includes pre use checks and maintenance; identification of controls and instruments and operating the machine to trim length of hedge side and top (including around obstacles). Assessment is conducted in the context of either a hand held hedge trimmer or tractor mounted hedge trimmer or tractor mounted, used as verge mower only. Certificate is endorsed accordingly.

One day

Instructor/Trainee Ratio
1:4 (novices) 1:6 (experienced) Min:1:2

Course Content
Protective clothing
Safety checks to the machine
Fuels and Lubricants
Starting the machine
Safe operation of the machine
Hedge shapes and cutting techniques
Working on the public highway
Working above the ground level
Maintenance of the machine

Facilities/Equipment required:
Each course member will be required to bring their own Hedgecutter (electric or petrol - please state which), together with instruction manual and tool kit, plus fuel etc as required. PPE.

Warm, well lit classroom/workshop and suitable hedging. Course members will not be required to work from height on this course.

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