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To enable course members to:

  • Comply with safety and legal requirements, with an emphasis on safe practices, warning signs and guards
  • State the recommended protective clothing for safe operation in all conditions
  • Carry out all pre-riding checks for faulty or dangerous components
  • Prepare the ATV for work, including checking and adjusting safety devices
  • Describe the construction and working principles of the machine
  • Start up and drive the machine safely, in a range of different ground conditions
  • Use the manufacturer’s instruction book

Who is the Course For?
This course is for any person who uses, or will be using, an all terrain vehicle. This basic course must be completed satisfactorily before attending other courses in this series.
The course includes operator assessment and a Lantra Certificate of Cempetence will be awarded to those reaching the required standard.

One day

Instructor/Trainee Ratio
1:4 (novices) 1:6 (experienced) Min:1:2
NB: Max 2 trainees where only 1 ATV available

Course Content
What is an ATV?
Preventing accidents
Daily checks
Instruments and controls
Start and stop
Basic safe driving
Possible problems
Practical exercise

Facilities/Equipment required:
Venue or Trainees will be asked to provide:-
One serviceable ATV per 2 trainees suitable for course, with manufacturer’s instruction manual
Maintenance materials and equipment
Cones or similar for marking practice area
Steam cleaner/pressure washer

Suitable site for riding practice with unfavourable conditions and sloping land.for riding practice.
Warm, well lit building with space for all machinery to be worked on, and seating. Washroom and toilet facilities. Facilities for tea/coffee

Trainees will be asked to bring:-
Motorcycle type crash helmet, which may be open face or full face style
Overalls, protective clothing and boots
Eye protection
Rubber gloves
Steel tape measure - 3 metres
Comprehensive tool kit

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